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Washington Insider Josh Riley Defended Apple, Instead Of Working Class Families

Catskill, NY – Washington insider Josh Riley has made millions as a corporate lawyer, and rather than spending his career fighting for working-class families like Marc Molinaro, he decided to defend the corporation of Apple.

Riley specifically defended accusations against Apple from allegations that they censor views that they do not agree with, including conservative opinions.

“Josh Riley made millions as a corporate lawyer in Washington, but what’s most troubling is his decision to defend Apple as they were accused of censor opinion, including conservative viewpoints that their employees disagreed with,” said Will Dawson, campaign manager for Marc Molinaro. “Marc believes in the First Amendment, that we should listen to all opinions, and it’s dangerous that someone like Riley is running for Congress because there is no telling what far-left laws he would write to silence views he disagrees with.”


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