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Marc's Vision

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By prioritizing productivity, encouraging innovation and investment, supporting families and empowering those with low income and EBT/SNAP.


By Curtailing the Trafficking of Illicit Fentanyl, Expanding Access to MAT, and Improving Warm-Handoff Polices and Coordination


Advocating for, and encouraging investment, adoption and confidence in the cryptocurrency and digital asset space


By supporting regulatory reform, investment in our energy grid, and finding a smart balance of renewables, natural gas and nuclear energy.


Changing the way we treat and think about those with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. Breaking down barriers for every one of every ability.


Strategic incentives for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship


By Supporting Community-Driven Solutions, Expanding Access to Care, and Modernizing our
Behavioral Health System


Honoring their service and connecting them to resources that will help them succeed in our community, and enjoy the gratitude and support they so richly deserve


By providing them with the best services and programs to enhance their lives and maintain their health.

Stay Tuned as we continue to roll out more...
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