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Runaway Fuel Prices Impacting Upstate Communities

Red Hook, NY - Recently the Mid-Hudson Valley recorded its highest average price for fuel in a given year with gasoline rising to $4.60 and diesel surging to $6.50 under the Biden and Washington Democrat strategy of “Building Back Better".

Marc Molinaro said, “The impact of these rising fuel prices will further drive up costs of nearly all consumer goods. Our economy relies heavily on freight trucks and trains that run on diesel fuel to transport our food.”

“The Democrats solution to our energy crisis is spending taxpayer money into oblivion and continuously relying on bad foreign actors to make up the difference. Biden & Pelosi have no real solution while our Upstate communities suffer under rising prices of gasoline and home heating oil.

Molinaro concluded, “The lack of a plan from Biden & Pelosi to provide immediate relief to families and small businesses is shameful. However, what’s more astounding is the lack of bi-partisan collaboration to develop a long term all-above approach to energy in this country. Let’s get to work having these tough conversations to develop an all-above approach that will unlock America’s energy potential”



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