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Rep. Molinaro secures $27 million in federal funding for improvement projects in 19th district

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) -- Representative Marc Molinaro (R, NY-19) announced $27 million in federal funding for projects through the 19th Congressional District.

These funds were made available through the House of Representatives Fiscal Year 2024 appropriation bills.

Molinaro said he was proud to fight for this funding on behalf of his district.

“We have the opportunity as members of Congress to advocate for community projects all across our districts,” said Molinaro. “I was very proud to really fight for over a dozen projects.”

The input for these projects came directly from community members and elected officials from across the district.

“We really encouraged folks to take a look within the community [at projects] that would make a meaningful impact within their community and then took their advice,” said Molinaro.

The funded projects include two community projects in Binghamton, which will look to improve one district near downtown and fight housing insecurity for veterans.

Molinaro said there will be $5 million for the Henry Street corridor including streetscape enhancements and traffic calming. He said it will be a major improvement to pedestrians, vehicle use and businesses. He also mentioned there will be $1 million for potential veteran housing for both transitional and emergency shelters for veterans in and around Binghamton.

Infrastructure improvements include heavy investments in water systems and wastewater treatment across the district. Molinaro said he’s glad to give attention to these projects as they often get overlooked.

“Too often Washington and Albany look for the big project and they are not able to get to the smaller projects and this gives us that ability,” said Molinaro.

The funding will go towards a total of 14 projects in areas including Norwich, Trumansburg, Marathon, Oneonta and Greene.


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