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New York Democrats jam through a Partisan Map

Red Hook, NY - Once again, Democrats in Albany seem to be hyper focused on eliminating the will and voice of the people with these two proposed redistricting maps. With another gerrymander out today, it is clear the Democrats believe their positions on the flailing economy and rising crime best represent the will of New Yorkers.

Antonio Delgado once said, “partisan gerrymandering will further divide us and diminish our democracy at a time when we need to bolster and uphold our democratic values of an inclusive, representative government that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Marc Molinaro asks, “when it’s convenient Delgado’s for free and fair elections, yet how can anyone view these proposed maps and believe the will of the people is represented. Were those past statements just another convenient talking point for him?"

Molinaro concluded, “where in the world is Delgado on partisan gerrymandering?"



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