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Molinaro Questions the Lack of a Lieutenant Governor

Red Hook, NY - Over a week ago, on May 3rd, Governor Hochul stood in front of New Yorkers and announced she had chosen Congressman Antonio Delgado to be the next Lieutenant Governor of New York. Yesterday, Governor Hochul’s handpicked Lt. Governor, Antonio Delgado, hit the campaign trail across New York in anticipation of the upcoming June 28th primary.

In order to be officially appointed, Delgado must eventually resign his position as a Member of Congress. However, rather than resign, Delgado has crowned himself “Lieutenant Governor-Designate” in lieu of taking his oath of office.

Molinaro said, “The time is now for Delgado to resign from Congress and be officially sworn in as our Lt. Governor. We are at a pivotal moment in New York with inflation damaging our economy and the cashless bail system continuing to create more victims. As it stands currently, our state does not have a functioning government without a Lieutenant Governor and has not since early April. New York State residents deserve better and now more than ever, we need a working government in Albany.”

Molinaro concluded, “Why hasn’t Governor Hochul officially sworn in Antonio Delgado to fill this critical vacancy?”



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