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Marc Molinaro Challenges Josh Riley To Three Debates

Binghamton, NY -- In a letter, Congressman Marc Molinaro's Campaign challenged DC Insider Josh Riley to three debates. The full text of the letter can be found here: 

Dear Josh Riley,

I hope this letter finds you well. As we quickly approach the November election, Congressman Marc Molinaro is extending an invitation to participate in three debates. These debates will provide an essential platform for voters to hear directly from both candidates and make informed decisions. 

Below, please find the detailed proposal for the debates:

Debate Rules and Setup:

Format: Each candidate will be in-person, standing at a podium.

Duration: Each debate will last for 1 hour.

Participants: Only Congressman Marc Molinaro & Josh Riley will participate in the debates.

Opening & Closing Statements: There will be no opening statements. Each candidate will have 90 seconds for a closing statement.

Responses: Candidates will have 90 seconds to answer each question, with 30-second rebuttals.

Notes: Candidates are allowed to take notes.

Props: Candidates are not allowed to use or bring any props.

Timeline: The debates are proposed to take place after absentee ballots are distributed.

Location: The debate should take place at a neutral third-party location such as a news studio, school, or chamber of commerce. 

Moderators: A moderator or two person team will oversee the debates.

Proposed Moderators:

Jim Ehmke, Anchor & News Director for WIVT/WBGH

Susan Arbetter, Host of Spectrum News's 'Capital Tonight' 

Tom Magnarelli, News Director for WSKG

Phoebe Taylor-Vuolo, Reporter for WSKG 

We believe that these ground rules and moderators will provide a fair and valuable opportunity for voters across New York's 19th Congressional District to engage with the democratic process and understand the distinct choices before them.

We look forward to your favorable response and request an answer by 9:00am Monday, May 27th. 

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Matt Organ 

Campaign Manager 


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