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DOJ Signals Support for Opioid Safe Injection Sites

Red Hook, NY - While New York struggles with record inflation hitting our economy and rising crime up 60% in the past week alone in our communities. Today, the Biden-Delgado DOJ agenda announced support for multiplying the current government-approved safe injection sites in New York City to other areas in Upstate New York and across the country.

“How far-left have President Biden and the Democrats gone? They are funding addiction that has ruined lives and torn families apart instead of focusing on prevention, intervention and treatment that works. In Dutchess County, we invest in people and have built the most comprehensive mental health network in America focused on prevention, intervention and treatment. I oppose injection sites in Upstate New York because it fuels addiction and diminishes the value of these lives.” said Marc Molinaro.

To double-down on opioids, the Biden-Delgado agenda created a federal grant for opioid smoking supplies to distribute to people suffering from addiction in our New York communities.

Molinaro said, “we must treat opioid addiction as a disease with the compassion for those who suffer, and invest in preventative programs and rehabilitation facilities and mediation assisted treatment. Instead it appears the Biden-Delgado agenda has pivoted toward funding the problem of addiction in New York. Delgado needs to oppose this reckless action that will only further exacerbate the epidemic.” Molinaro concluded, “Where in the World is Antonio Delgado for the victims of opioid addiction?”



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