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Delgado Talks out of Both Sides of his Mouth

Madison, NY - Today, Marc Molinaro joined Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood, Chenango County Sheriff Ernie Cutting Jr, Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond and Greene County Sheriff Peter Kusminsky, along with a number of local law enforcement officers to advocate for critically needed changes to New York states cashless bail laws and better support from the federal government.

Meanwhile Antonio Delgado announced his sponsorship of a bill that funds law enforcement reforms that Marc Molinaro has championed and enacted in Dutchess County over the last decade. This is nothing more than an attempt by Delgado to gaslight his constituents and convince them he’s not a supporter of dangerous criminal justice policies.

The truth is Antonio Delgado is an advocate for dangerous cashless bail laws. And while he talks about supporting our police he continues to take campaign contributions from organizations like the Indivisible Action and AOC’s PAC that disrespect and advocate for defunding our police.

Marc Molinaro said, “Antonio Delgado is attempting to trick voters into believing he is pro safety and security when in fact he is a strong supporter of cashless bail and defunding the police. It’s no surprise my call for Delgado to return campaign contributions from anti-police groups such as the Indivisible Action and AOC’s PAC has been met with silence. But I trust the voters won’t be fooled by his election year conversion.”

Sheriff Todd Hood said, “These poorly conceived bail reforms have done nothing but endanger the lives and well being of victims and witnesses. New York State has failed us, and that’s why we need strong representation at the federal level supporting the work we do day in and day out. I know Marc Molinaro will be that strong representative for us here in Madison County.”

Sheriff Craig Dumond said, “Marc’s record speaks for itself. He’s been an unwavering supporter of the men and women of law enforcement in Dutchess. Now his willingness to travel this state demanding action on these dangerous bail reforms only cements his position in my mind as the strongest possible candidate for Congress.”

Sheriff Peter Kusminsky said, “We’ve been saying since 2017 that cashless bail and discovery law changes would have a devastating impact on public safety. Clearly our warnings have come to fruition and anyone who denies the damage they have done cannot be trusted to legislate nor advocate for police.”

See our press release in January for Marc’s record in Dutchess County –


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