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DC Lawyer Josh Riley Under Fire After Investigative Reporter Finds He’s Getting Huge Second Salary From Shadowy DC Group

Binghamton, NY – Congressman Marc Molinaro’s Campaign today called on DC lawyer & millionaire Josh Riley to provide answers after a new investigative report revealed Riley is receiving a second salary from the American Mainstreet Policy Leadership Institute, a shadowy DC group that is paying failed far-left candidates to run for Congress again. 


Questions that deserve answers:

  1. What does Josh Riley do to receive his second salary and why does a millionaire DC lawyer need one? 

  2. Is it legal to pay Josh Riley to run for Congress? 

  3. Will Josh Riley release his tax returns like Congressman Molinaro has?


Matt Organ, Campaign Manager for the Molinaro Campaign said,  “Josh Riley will work for anyone if the money is right. That’s how he made his millions: working for predatory DC law firms and sexual harassers like Al Franken and Harvey Weinstein. What we didn’t know was that DC Josh Riley was adding to his fortune by simultaneously working for a shadowy DC group. The revelation raises serious questions about his ethics and employment history.”


Background on the report:

Josh Riley, who reached millionaire status by working for high priced, predatory DC law firms, was found to have also received a second salary totaling at least $30,000 from the American Mainstreet Policy Leadership Institute. Little is known about the shadowy DC group, how it’s funded, the job duties of a fellow, or how someone can apply. 


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