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Cash for Undocumented Immigrants? Yep, DC Lawyer Josh Riley Is For It

Binghamton, NY — Congressman Marc Molinaro’s Campaign is sounding the alarm on DC lawyer & millionaire Josh Riley’s support for a new plan to give undocumented immigrants prepaid debit cards. This, while working families in Upstate New York face historic inflation because of extreme, Riley-backed spending policies.

Reminder: Riley is also behind Governor Hochul’s extreme plan to cut funding from schools in Upstate New York and spend $2.4 billion on undocumented immigrants living in New York City.

Matt Organ, Campaign Manager for the Molinaro Campaign said, “Working families in Upstate NY are pleading for inflation relief. The response from DC lawyer Josh Riley? ‘Let’s open our borders, ignore Upstate New York, and hand cash out to undocumented immigrants living in NYC.’ He’s turned his back on Upstate New York.”

Congressman Marc Molinaro said, “Our tax dollars are now being sent directly to undocumented immigrants, in cash. This is a watershed moment. Anyone running for office this year - Democrat or Republican - needs to denounce this insanity.”


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