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Biden-Delgado Expect to get Americans Help in about 6 Months

Red Hook, NY - Today, Marc Molinaro, joined by a number of state legislators, laid out a plan to create immediate price relief for residents impacted by the rising energy costs throughout NY-19. New York communities desperately need relief right now instead of another inflation-causing stimulus plan 6-12 months down the road.

Molinaro said, “Antonio Delgado and Washington Democrats seem to have no interest in addressing the immediate crisis we find ourselves in. Earlier this month, Delgado offered his solution to those experiencing high energy prices; apply for the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). HEAP is an extremely narrowly focused safety net program that is not designed or prepared to help the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers that need assistance today. So while Delgado kicks the can down the road and projects a false-hope of unrealistic expanded government handouts, I am advocating for a plan that provides immediate consumer price relief.”

The main points of Molinaro’s Consumer Energy Price Relief Plan provide immediate help with an eye towards a future that provides greener solutions and eases our foreign energy reliance:

  • Immediate 6-month temporary suspension of the gasoline tax and other regulatory fees

    • Federal & State Gasoline Tax of 0.18 cents & 0.33 cents per gallon

    • Metropolitan Transportation Authority Gas Tax, Vehicle, & Licensure Fees

  • Rapidly expand supply of energy from all sources by creating an all the above approach to energy production in America:

    • Reducing barriers to entry for entrepreneurs to establish and build infrastructure to support renewable & non-renewable energy

    • Establish a pilot program for targeted hydrofracking in the Southern Tier region to increase future supply

    • Investment in energy programs that target the solar, wind, nuclear, and fracking industries to create an expanded and diverse energy production portfolio and effective all the above approach

  • Ensure major energy providers and wholesalers are not price gouging consumers

    • Big Oil & Gas cannot be allowed to artificially raise prices as inflation continues to hit our economy

Molinaro concluded, “Despite what Antonio Delgado and President Biden may want you to believe, we are in a crisis. It is as if your home just caught fire, and instead of helping you fight the fire they told you to be patient because rain was in the forecast next month.”



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