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With 85% of Donations from in State, Marc for US built by New Yorkers

Red Hook, NY - Our campaign is proud to announce we have raised nearly $600,000 in its first 100 days. Marc has received immense support throughout upstate with 85% of donations coming from New Yorkers in the fourth quarter.

“Our campaign has come out strong with people eager to have a real voice in Washington. Traveling across the district, there is a rising grassroots movement demanding a change from the out of touch, incompetent and inflationary policies that are dragging our economy down,” said Molinaro.

Molinaro reported raising $220,000 in the fourth quarter.

Concluded Molinaro, “I’m proud that our campaign is supported by working New Yorkers while my opponent is missing in action, silent, on the most important issues facing our region spending more time courting out of state donors than working for the voters he represents. ”



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