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Washington Corporate Lawyer Josh Riley Hasn’t Voted In New York Since 2006

Catskill, NY – Josh Riley has lived in Washington for his adult life, he recently purchased a $1.5 million home on Capitol Hill, and new documents show that he hasn’t voted in a presidential or midterm election in New York since 2006.

“While Josh Riley grew up in New York, he left us for a life in Washington, D.C., which is where he held his black-tie wedding, made millions as a corporate lawyer, and it’s no surprise that he hasn’t voted in New York since 2006,” said Marc Molinaro. “A lot has happened since 2006, and since Josh Riley has been gone, I’ve been here working on solutions to create jobs, provide assistance to our veterans, and issues related to mental health. If elected, I will continue to fight for working-class families because it’s who I care about, and unlike Josh Riley, I will never turn my back on New York for a quick dollar in Washington.”


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