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Statement Calling on Governor Hochul to Include Bail and Discovery Reforms in Amendments

“It is clear we have a problem with rising violent crime throughout our State, in New York City and in every community across our state. We don’t need more task forces or to shift the blame onto policies in other states. We know how to curb violence, we have done it before and we can do it again The Governor of New York has unique authority to force discussion on meaningful reforms that can save lives, restore public safety and support law enforcement. Governor Hochul must use the Executive Budget to require consideration of reforms to the cashless bail and discovery. This would send a clear message that we will not tolerate lawlessness. We must make our communities safe again - while implementing measures to prevent crime, protect victims, ensure justice and even improve the welfare of those with mental illness and addiction. This is a critical moment. New York and America need to reset our priorities. Governor Hochul - the time is now.”


The Governor can unilaterally advance amendments to the proposed Executive Budget within 30 days of it being introduced. And when it comes to appropriations bills, as reaffirmed under Pataki v. Silver, the Senate and Assembly can only reduce the spending the governor has proposed or eliminate it entirely. Legislators cannot change the conditions on how the governor wants that money spent.


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