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Silent as National Grid increases utility rates

Red Hook, NY - While New York is experiencing record inflation, the Hudson Valley will now contend with rising utility costs. National Grid has announced an increase in utility rates by 8% during an especially cold part of winter. This is on the heels of a Central Hudson 7% increase late last year. As a result, customers throughout the Hudson Valley will experience higher costs for keeping the lights on and heating their homes. The surge in the price of energy has been one of the biggest drivers behind the 31-year high in inflation. Meanwhile, the White House and Congress have come up empty with answers to the soaring costs facing our communities in New York, other than releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. “Biden is playing whack a mole on energy prices, where is Congress on this issue?” asked Marc Molinaro. “Our communities are paying the most out-of-pocket costs to heat their homes and keep the lights on since 2013.”

"The Democrats in control of the Federal and State Governments seem more concerned with non-citizens voting than fixing our economy and providing relief to the families in the Hudson Valley.”

Molinaro concluded, “Where in the world is Antonio Delgado? Again, he refuses to comment.”



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