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New York Democrats Fail to Adequately Address Public Safety and Inflation Crisis

Red Hook, NY - Today, Democrats in Albany announced their state budget deal that includes a number of actions County Executive Marc Molinaro has been advocating for, including a gas tax suspension, and bail reform fixes. However the series of extremely modest adjustments to the gas tax, bail and discovery laws addresses only the most egregious and obvious failures in New York. Since Democrats in New York State created this public safety crisis in 2019 crime rates have increased throughout New York State.

“It’s clear that Democrats have heard the public’s outcry on affordability and public safety, and yet they’ve chosen to go after the lowest hanging fruit in an attempt to save themselves in November. The bail reform proposal that Albany announced is insufficient, insulting and does not do enough to keep our communities safe, protect victims, or allow offenders to receive mental health assistance. The New York Democrats continue to fail to allow judges the ability to set bail and keep dangerous individuals off the streets,” said Marc Molinaro.

Molinaro continued, “As we have been warning for years, cashless bail has made us less safe. Tragically, Antonio Delgado remains a steadfast supporter of these policies and continues to accept campaign donations from defund the police and anti-public safety groups.”

“While I applaud the legislature for providing gas tax relief, it is essentially a half measure. In Dutchess County we will move forward by cutting and capping the gas tax as much as we are allowed to under the law. Albany should have taken this opportunity to do more. Instead, they are about to pass the largest spending package in state history as we face unprecedented inflation. Incredible.”

See Marc Molinaro’s past statements calling on Hochul to implement real bail reform:



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