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New Powers for the IRS to monitor Bank Account Transactions

Red Hook, NY - New York is experiencing soaring gas prices and rising utility bills with residents feeling the same horror at the grocery store and their local bar. With Bloomberg reporting this week that inflation has yet to peak, why have Biden and Delgado fumbled on a response to the record inflation New York is experiencing?

This year New York has experienced a 7-11% increase in utility rates at their homes, the cost of daily commutes grew as gas prices soared to a 7-year-high, and our families are paying 15% more to provide beef, chicken, or pork at the dinner table.

“Antonio Delgado would rather prioritize discussing the Pelosi Plan to increase the reach and scope of the IRS to track and monitor American Citizen bank accounts up to $600. This overreach attacks the gig-economy, allows the IRS to spy on recreational transactions through commonly used apps like Venmo / CashApp and will hurt those working hard to make ends meat” said Molinaro. Delgado Audio:

Molinaro continued, “Delgado had the chance to join 21 Democratic colleagues in the house to disavow this proposal as they called it a significant overreach that draws serious privacy concerns and further erodes the trust in our institutions. He didn’t. Does he support taxpayer funded spying on all American Citizen transactions? Yes. He does.”

Molinaro concluded, “On ensuring fairness of our institutions and protecting the privacy of our citizens, Where in the World is Antonio Delgado?”



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