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Molinaro Supports Bipartisan Bill Cracking Down On Antisemitic Demonstrations On Cornell & Campuses Nationwide

Molinaro Supports Bipartisan Bill Cracking Down On Antisemitic Demonstrations On Cornell & Campuses Nationwide 

DC Insider Josh Riley Continues Playing Politics, Won't Speak

Binghamton, NY -- Congressman Marc Molinaro released the following statement: 

"In response to the wave of antisemitism infecting Cornell and college campuses across the nation, I voted to pass a bipartisan bill that requires the Department of Education to use the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's clear and uniform definition of antisemitism when enforcing anti-discrimination law.

"Antisemitism is taking root in Upstate New York, and yet, DC Insider Josh Riley insists on playing politics. He's cowardly and weak for not endorsing this bipartisan bill or condemning the antisemitic protesters camping on Cornell's quad because he doesn't want to lose their support.

"I'm going to keep speaking clearly. What's happening on Cornell and college campuses across the country is antisemitism and it must end."




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