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Molinaro Statement Regarding Recent Inflation Report

Catskill, NY - Today, Marc Molinaro released the following statement regarding the September inflation report from the Department of Labor:

President Biden and Washington Democrats were more interested in spending money we didn’t have, and election year giveaways meant to buy votes than the economic crisis forced onto hardworking American families.

“They were politically craven and economically illiterate - and, now upstate families, American families, are faced with historically high prices on everything from gas to groceries with a crippling interest rate hike to follow.

“Savings and retirements are being decimated while Americans run up credit cards to cover rising costs. The choice on November 8th couldn’t be more clear: more of the same pain and arrogance from Washington elites like my opponent Josh Riley or relief and opportunity like what I’ve delivered these last ten years as County Executive.”


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