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Molinaro Statement on Castle Point

Red Hook, NY - "While a brand new, state of the art VA facility in Dutchess County is welcome, we need absolute assurance that there will be no reduction in services, and Castle Point will not close until the new facility is fully operational. The Biden Administration's decision to close Castle Point leaves too many open ended questions that should have been addressed prior to this ham-handed announcement. Atop critical riverfront property, any sale must be coordinated with us and dollars secured invested in veterans programs. Any plan must be coordinated with local healthcare, mental health and government partners. I am extremely skeptical about this administration‘s capacity to execute such a monumental task. That there has been so little transparency is proof intense public scrutiny is necessary. This could be an exceptional win for our veterans community - however we cannot allow anyone to fall through the cracks. Dutchess County will take every step to hold them accountable. When I’m in Congress, just as now, I won’t sit silently by - I will do everything in my power to fight for America’s heroes.



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