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Molinaro stands with Farmers

Red Hook, NY - As Marc Molinaro today visited several Ulster County farms and discussed issues facing the agricultural community, at the top of the list of concerns are drastic new overtime rules being implemented for farmers across his NY-19 District. Meanwhile, frustrated farmers have not received answers from Antonio Delgado on where he stands on the measure.

"Where in the world is Antonio Delgado on the Farm Laborers Act, his constituents deserve to know,” said Marc Molinaro. “A recent study found that enactment of this measure would subject farmers to an almost 20% increase in labor costs, at the same time they are fighting to keep up with runaway inflation, hiking the costs of everything from fuel to feed.”

The Farm Laborers Act is widely opposed by both farmers and farm laborers. It includes mandatory overtime payments for farm laborers after surpassing a 60 hour work week, which was pushed through the state legislature by Delgado's allies from New York City. Currently, the Wage Board is considering lowering the threshold to 40 hours a week - an unsustainable notion.

Molinaro blasted Delgado for his persistent absence on important issues, "What's the point of being on the Agriculture Committee if you don't stand up for farmers on the issues? I am opposed to lowering the overtime threshold which would be the final nail in the coffin for many of our farms."



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