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Molinaro Releases Mental Health Policy Plan

Today, Candidate for US Congress and Dutchess County Executive, Marc Molinaro released a policy brief explaining his positions and outlined solutions for the mental health crisis plaguing New York State and our nation.

“America is in the midst of a mental health crisis, a crisis which has been brewing for decades but one that was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As your Congressman, I promise to address this problem head on utilizing my experience as Dutchess County executive in expanding mental and behavioral health services and implementing community-driven solutions," said Molinaro.

Molinaro's track record on prioritizing mental health and working to find innovative solutions is unmatched by any elected official. Under his tenure as County Executive, Dutchess County has developed services and programs unmatched by any in the country, perhaps most notably opening the Stabilization Center in 2017 (the first of its kind). Dutchess County's programs have become a model for New York, as Governor Hochul recently announced funding for identical facilities throughout the state.

In the policy plan, Molinaro also outlines support for Mental Health Professionals Workforce Shortage Loan Repayment Act and eliminating needless red tape that prevents individuals from acquiring help they need.

View the plan at



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