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Molinaro Provides Immediate Relief On Fuel Prices

Dutchess County’s Cut and Cap Takes Effect Today

Red Hook, NY - Today, Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro’s relief plan for cutting and capping the sales tax on Gasoline & Diesel fuel goes into effect throughout the county. Dutchess was the first county in New York to propose & enact a cut and cap on the sales tax for fuel. The immediate relief initiative provides the largest decrease in the gas tax allowed by law, as families and local motorists begin their travels this summer.

Marc Molinaro said, “As the price at the pump skyrockets, here in Dutchess County we took immediate action to provide as much relief on the rising costs as possible. These surging prices and taxes affect the middle income workers and families the most and to them any relief can go a long way. As a local government, we had the opportunity to make a real and positive difference in your pocket and we took action.”

Dutchess County’s gas tax cut comes the same day as New York State’s gas tax holiday takes effect. Earlier this year, Molinaro had been an outspoken advocate for cutting the state gas tax with inflation continuing to skyrocket, and little to no help coming from the Biden Administration.



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