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Molinaro Joined by NYC Mayor in Plea for Special Session to Fix Bail Laws, Ryan Remains Silent

Molinaro continues the bipartisan push to keep communities safe

Red Hook, NY - This week NYC Mayor Eric Adams joined the cacophony of public officials urging state lawmakers to call a special session to amend bail reform. This now bi-partisan call for action comes on the heels of another violent attack on a police officer and an attempted attack on Congressman Lee Zeldin. Both attackers were released without bail under the state’s 2019 laws. Marc Molinaro stated, “We have been calling for changes to the state’s horrific bail reform laws since they were implemented. The so-called “justice” system we now operate under has allowed criminals to walk the streets and violently reoffend within days. It is no longer a request- this has become a bipartisan plea for common sense reform to keep our families safe.” As Dutchess County Executive, Molinaro has implemented extensive reforms that focus on public safety efforts by investing in early intervention services and law enforcement training. Part of these reforms include the Stabilization Center, which has been so successful that Ulster County and New York State are using it as a model for centers of their own. But when it comes to bail reform, the Ulster County Executive’s commitment to public safety is severely lacking. Molinaro continued, “Will Pat Ryan join the bipartisan cry for change? My opponent remains silent on the issue after taking money from defund the police organizations and running on the anti-cop working families line. As his silence puts him among the democrats in Albany holding fast to their dangerous policies, people in the communities, first responders, law enforcement and public servants on the ground, have to contend with the harm this is causing first hand.”



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