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Molinaro Campaign Releases Latest Ad Takes On the Impacts of Record Inflation

#1 Issue Among Voters

Red Hook, NY - Today, Marc Molinaro’s Congressional campaign released its latest ad, placing a substantial buy on television and digital outlets addressing the crushing burden of inflation caused by the Biden Administration's rampant incompetence. The ad comes as the Federal Reserve Board is set to announce a major interest rate hike, threatening recession in the process. Click here to watch the ad. Marc Molinaro stated, “The failed policies of the Biden Administration and one party rule in Washington and Albany has brought about the highest inflation rates on record which is crushing families who are forced to choose between buying gas and putting food on the table. Today, the Fed is prepared to make things even worse by advancing one of the largest interest rate hikes in decades, inching us closer and closer to a devastating recession.” The ad comes with less than one month until the Special Election on August 23rd, in which voters will have a distinct choice; vote for a true leader in Marc Molinaro, with a record of problem solving and consensus building who will stand in opposition to Biden’s disastrous policy, or vote for another Pelosi yes-man, who will continue to sit quietly and do as he’s told by his party bosses.



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