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Molinaro Calls Out Josh Riley For Ducking Debates & Hiding In DC

Binghamton, NY -- With the first presidential debate now in the books, Congressman Marc Molinaro is calling out DC Insider Josh Riley for his refusal to engage in a series of proposed debates that would offer voters a direct comparison of the candidates. Despite being extended a formal invitationto participate in three debates over a month ago, Josh Riley has yet to agree.

Congressman Molinaro said, "Voters deserve to hear directly from those who seek to represent them. That's why I've prioritized listening and learning -- holding over 25 town halls, listening sessions, and roundtables. It's also why I put forth a fair and balanced debate proposal, with esteemed moderators and a clear format. It's time for Josh Riley to stop hiding."

Matt Organ, campaign manager for Congressman Molinaro's re-election campaign said, "Josh Riley is afraid of losing again and has a clear strategy: spend millions of dollars, produce slick ads that distort his record, and hide from voters, debates, and the media. It's cynical, but what you'd expect from a DC Insider. Josh Riley needs to be held to account."

In a May 22nd letter to DC Insider Josh Riley, Congressman Molinaro proposed a detailed format and fair ground rules for the debates, ensuring that both candidates would have an equal opportunity to present their platforms and respond to questions. 

The proposed debate specifics included:

Format: Each candidate will be in-person, standing at a podium.

Duration: Each debate will last for 1 hour.

Participants: Only Congressman Marc Molinaro & Josh Riley will participate in the debates.

Opening & Closing Statements: There will be no opening statements. Each candidate will have 90 seconds for a closing statement.

Responses: Candidates will have 90 seconds to answer each question, with 30-second rebuttals.

Notes: Candidates are allowed to take notes.

Props: Candidates are not allowed to use or bring any props.

Timeline: The debates are proposed to take place after absentee ballots are distributed.

Location: The debate should take place at a neutral third-party location such as a news studio, school, or chamber of commerce.

Moderators: A moderator or two person team will oversee the debates.

Proposed Moderators:Jim Ehmke, Anchor & News Director for WIVT/WBGH

Susan Arbetter, Host of Spectrum News's 'Capital Tonight'

Tom Magnarelli, News Director for WSKG, and Phoebe Taylor-Vuolo, Reporter for WSKG 

The campaign requested a response by May 27th. However, DC Insider Josh Riley has failed to accept the challenge.



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