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Marc Molinaro Releases Statement on Delgado’s America

Today, Marc Molinaro, candidate for New York’s Congressional district 19 released the following statement:

“We are seeing higher costs on everything ranging from gas to groceries to electricity. Inflation is at the highest levels in 13 years and Democrats in Washington and their reckless policies are to blame.

This is Antonio Delgado’s America. Biden, Delgado, Pelosi, and the Democrat Party have caused Americans to be hit where it hurts...their livelihoods. This was avoidable.”

Molinaro continued, “First it was an arbitrary, fear-driven, politicized response to the pandemic causing shutdowns that hurt small business owners and their employees. Then it was out of control government spending on liberal priorities where the burden fell on Americans to pay the cost.

Enough is enough. I’m running for Congress to bring results for the Hudson Valley. Lower taxes, less government spending, reining in out of control inflation.”

Marc Molinaro was first elected to public office at the age of 18 in 1994, serving on the Village of Tivoli Board of Trustees. In 1995, he became the youngest mayor in the United States. He was re-elected mayor five times and elected four times to the Dutchess County Legislature. In 2006, he brought his passion for public service to Albany when elected to represent the 103rd District in the New York State Assembly. Now, as County Executive, Marc serves as Second Vice President for the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC).



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