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Maloney attempts to jam through a partisan map

Red Hook, NY - Sean Patrick Maloney and his DCCC operatives have released their partisan gerrymander to redistrict New York’s congressional lines. It would further entrench one-party rule in New York and silence the will of the voters by creating a 23-3 Democrat supermajority. This proposal would reduce Republican representation to 12% of New York Congressional districts.

Marc Molinaro asked, “Where in the world is Antonio Delgado on this issue? This is a blatantly absurd proposal. Delgado has said he’s against partisan gerrymandering, yet his silence today says everything about this attack on free and fair elections.”

Molinaro continued, “Where is the voice of the people reflected in this map? Is Delgado actually against partisan gerrymandering or was that another political talking point for him?”



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