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Josh Riley Was Silent When His Law Firm Attempted To Discredit Over 100 Women

Catskill, NY – There have been over 100 women who have alleged harassment or sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein and over 15 women who have accused him of rape, yet Josh Riley’s law firm defended Harvey Weinstein and discredit his accusers. “Josh Riley not only let his law firm defend Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault, and rape, but he also said nothing when they decided to actively discredit those who shined a light on Weinstein’s behavior,” said Will Dawson, campaign manager for Marc Molinaro. “Rather than doing the right thing, Josh Riley stayed silent, he let his law firm pocket Harvey Weinstein’s money and partook in the revenue sharing program at his company so that he could make millions and buy a $1.5 million mansion on Capitol Hill.”


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