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Josh Riley’s Law Firm Represented Harvey Weinstein

Catskill, NY – Washington insider Josh Riley has always looked out for himself, and nowhere was that more prevalent than when he was a partner at Boies, Schiller, & Flexner LLP, and together they decided to represent Harvey Weinstein and suppress allegations of sexual assault.

While partner, Riley never spoke up or left his ethically-challenged law firm, about their decision to defend Harvey Weinstein. Instead, Riley pocketed the money, which later led to him purchasing a $1.5 million mansion on Capitol Hill during the pandemic lockdowns.

“Josh Riley left us for greener pastures in Washington, and during his time as a partner at a top law firm, they represented Harvey Weinstein and actively tried to suppress allegations of sexual assault,” said Will Dawson, campaign manager for MarcMolinaro. “Rather than speaking up or leaving his ethically challenged law firm, Riley stayed silent, his law firm pocketed Harvey Weinstein’s cash, which helped give him the means to buy a $1.5 million mansion on Capitol Hill. Riley’s actions are proof that he will always look out for himself, and why working-class families should never trust him.”


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