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Josh Riley Just Flip-Flopped On His Open Border Position

Binghamton, NY – At a virtual news conference today, Congressman Marc Molinaro called DC Insider Josh Riley out for flip-flopping on his open border position. Josh Riley is a top legal activist for open borders. In DC Riley:

  • Sued in the Supreme Court to dismantle Trump’s border security policies.

  • Wrote a bill in the Senate that gives amnesty & benefits to millions of illegal immigrants. 

  • Stood with Biden’s open border policies 100%.

Despite his open borders record, Josh Riley is now attempting to reinvent himself. On Friday, at a press conference in Binghamton, Riley falsely claimed he supports border security. 

Congressman Molinaro said, “How can voters trust Josh Riley? He says he supports border security, but in DC, he was a top legal activist for open borders. Josh Riley will say and do anything to not lose again.”




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