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Israel & Antisemitism: DC Insider Josh Riley Still Won't Talk

Ulster County, NY -- ICYMI: DC Insider Josh Riley "did not respond to an email inquiry for comment" from the Daily Freeman on President Biden's decision to withhold security assistance to Israel.

Afraid of angering his biggest donors and the extremists, Josh Riley has remained silent on antisemitism -- ignoring major incidents at Cornell, Columbia, and even Harvard, where he’s an alum. Now, Josh Riley is refusing to answer questions about Israel. 

Matt Organ, campaign manager for the Molinaro campaign said,"Josh Riley wants to be in Congress, but won't talk about some of the biggest issues facing this country. He won't talk about antisemitism or Israel. He won't say why he still lives in DC. Won't say why he hasn't returned the $30,000 illegal salary he took. We know Josh is a DC Insider, but beyond that, it's anyone's guess."



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