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Interest Rates Rise Due To Joe Biden and Josh Riley’s Inflation Crisis

Catskill, NY – President Joe Biden and Washington insider Josh Riley have consistently supported more stimulus spending and forgiving student loans, which has made the inflation crisis even worse, and as a result of their extreme policies, the Federal Reserve has increased interest rates.

As a result, credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, and personal loans will become more expensive, and this adds further pain as working-class families struggle with high costs at the gas and grocery store.

“In Washington, President Biden and Josh Riley have been busy supporting spending policies that hand out free money to their liberal friends, and now the result of their policies means that interest rates and specifically the cost of car loans and mortgages will be more expensive,” said Will Dawson, campaign manager for MarcMolinaro. “Working-class families need a leader in Washington who will reduce spending, reduce inflation, and lower interest rates, and when MarcMolinaro gets to Congress, he will support economic that accomplish that goal.”


The Fed just made a ‘jumbo’ interest rate hike of 0.75%—here are 4 things that will be more expensive. “To reduce persistently high inflation, the Federal Reserve announced a third consecutive “jumbo” interest hike of 0.75% Wednesday, further increasing the cost of debt for credit cards, vehicle financing, and other loans.” (CNBC, 09/21/22)


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