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Inflation, Ukraine and Regulatory Burden pushes Gas Prices to near 7 Year High

Red Hook, NY - With the Biden-Delgado “Build Back Broke” agenda stoking record inflation, Biden’s fumbling in the Ukraine and new regulatory roadblocks constraining energy supply, gas prices in New York have surged by $1.00 per gallon since this same time in January 2021.

“High gas prices are felt the most by those who can least afford to absorb them, the Biden-Delgado agenda is a disaster for Hudson Valley working families,” said Marc Molinaro.

As New York residents go to the gas pump this weekend our families will be facing yet another price increase since the past week as our economy continues to struggle:

  • $3.48 in Ulster County | INCREASE: 10 cents

  • $3.55 in Columbia County | INCREASE: 9 cents

  • $3.58 in Greene County | INCREASE: 10 cents

According to AAA, the average price for regular gasoline stands at $3.39, only 3 cents per gallon from the seven-year high reached in 2014 when gas hit $3.42.

Reports indicate gas prices could hit $4 per gallon this summer in New York with the price of oil skyrocketing due to increasing supply chain issues.

“In just under a year, Delgado’s democrats have transformed the United States from a net exporter of energy to the administration begging OPEC to produce more oil creating a catastrophe for the consumer,” Molinaro added.

Molinaro concluded, “Energy insecurity is costing families and emboldening Russia -Where in the world is Antonio Delgado on gas prices?”



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