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Indivisible Action donates $5k to Delgado’s Agenda to Defund the Police

Red Hook, NY - With rising crime in towns throughout New York, Antonio Delgado chose to accept a campaign donation of $5,000 from Indivisible Action. The group is an organization dedicated to advocacy for defunding the police, eliminating cash bail, and supports candidates with similar values.

Marc Molinaro stated, “Our communities in New York are suffering right now from failed policies that allow criminals with violent histories back on our streets before trial. Meanwhile, our Congressman Antonio Delgado is funded by Indivisible Action, which is a divisive organization that wants to completely eliminate the bail system, give a free pass to these violent offenders, and defund the institutions that keep our families safe. They support him, does he support them?” At a time when our New York City police officers are being slain and our communities are suffering - Antonio Delgado has made his position clear by accepting a $5,000 donation from an organization that works to create chaos and make New York less safe.

Compared to this week last year, the city has seen an uptick in crime by 60%:

  • Car Thefts are up by 116%

  • Grand Larceny is up by 93%

  • Transit Crimes are up by 89%

Molinaro concluded, “We are allowing crime to reoccur and the victims of these crimes to continue to suffer. There are proactive and preventative measures New York can take to address these issues - Where in the World is Antonio Delgado on Defunding our Police?”



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