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Food and Energy Costs reach 40 Year High as Economy Struggles

Red Hook, NY - As energy prices soar with inflation rising to 7.9% in February and costs hitting a 40 year record, the Biden-Delgado plan for the economy has stumbled and continues to fail to provide immediate relief for our communities across NY-19.

Since last year the below daily needs have dramatically increased in cost:

  • Gasoline: +38%

  • Meat/Fish/Eggs: +13%

  • Electricity: +9%

  • Gas Utilities: +24%

“Prices continue to rise for families in New York, meanwhile Biden and Delgado have no plan that provides for immediate relief at the gas pump or the rising utility bills. Where is the sense of urgency from this administration to provide real relief to voters throughout New York? We deserve answers & potential solutions from Antonio Delgado on the soaring cost to live.” said Marc Molinaro.

Molinaro concluded, “we have immediate actions we can take to ease the burden of the rising costs communities are feeling throughout NY-19, suspend the federal & state gas tax temporarily and get creative with consumer relief. Here in Dutchess County, we recently suspended sales tax on clothing and shoes up to $110 at all stores. Relief in any form right now can go a long way towards a family’s budget. We can do better. Our communities deserve relief right now.”



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