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Exclusive Report: Molinaro Campaign Debuts New Ad Hitting Josh Riley As 'Architect of Border Crisis'

Binghamton, NY -- Congressman Marc Molinaro’s Campaign today launched a digital ad exposing DC Insider Josh Riley for being one of America's top legal activists for open borders. 

Timeline: From 2017 to 2019, Josh Riley wrote 32 lawsuits to dismantle Trump’s border policies, with Biden's Homeland Security Secretary signing the briefs as an advisor.  

Riley’s Legal Theory: In the lawsuits, Riley argued there are some border laws that should not be enforced. He called the legal theory ‘prosecutorial discretion’.

The Result: Now in office, Biden has relied on Riley's legal theory to justify opening the border.

Read the full report from the Washington Reporter here

Exclusive: Rep. Marc Molinaro (R., N.Y.) debuts new ad hitting opponent as “architect of the border crisis”

Rep. Marc Molinaro (R., N.Y.) branded his Democratic opponent, Josh Riley, as an “architect of the border crisis,” in an ad previewed exclusively to the Washington Reporter.

Riley’s career as a high-powered lawyer enabled him to advocate for progressive immigration policies, including in one case, in which his clients petitioned the “Supreme Court to dismantle Trump’s border security policies,” Molinaro told the Reporter.

“Josh Riley is a total fraud,” Molinaro told the Reporter. “These new documents [of Riley’s left-wing immigration lawsuits cited in his ad] are damning. [They show that] Josh Riley is one of America’s top legal activists for open borders.”

Riley “fought to overturn our immigration laws and sponsored lawsuits with Biden’s border chief to prevent border patrol from closing the border,” Molinaro’s ad says. The ad comes months after House Republicans voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who executed President Joe Biden’s border policies, and oversaw record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing into America. Riley and Mayorkas worked together during President Donald Trump’s administration and filed dozens of briefs arguing for a lax approach to immigration policies.

Click HERE to watch Rep. Marc Molinaro’s ad, first shared with the Washington Reporter.




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