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Despite Corrupt Democrat Gerrymander Molinaro Doubles Down on Campaign For NY-19

Red Hook, NY - Marc Molinaro announced his campaign will stay the course to bring strong local representation to NY-19 while holding Antonio Delgado accountable for his support of President Biden’s failed “Build Back Broke” agenda. Molinaro added, “We always knew that Antonio Delgado and his pals would dream up a way to try and steal Congressional seats but we will not be intimidated by their brazen corruption. I’m excited to continue our campaign built by New Yorkers to bring strong local representation to the 19th Congressional District. We can feel the grassroots enthusiasm across this district fueling our successful fundraising of $600,000 in our First 100 Days of this Campaign.”

Meanwhile, Antonio Delgado and the New York Democrats remain silent on their latest corrupt effort to further disenfranchise our communities by creating a 22-4 Democrat supermajority to represent the voice of the people of New York.

Delgado once said, “Partisan gerrymandering is undermining our democracy, with lawmakers creating district lines that essentially disenfranchise citizens.”

Molinaro concluded, “We must take back the House and give voice to the citizens of the 19th Congressional District. Antonio Delgado has abandoned the district and remains in hiding on this and every other major issue. Where in the World is Antonio Delgado?”



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