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CBO Confirms Joe Biden and Josh Riley’s Student Loan Cancellations Will Add To The Federal Deficit

Catskill, NY – Earlier this week, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office released a report outlining how President Biden and Washington insider Josh Riley’s student loan cancellation will add to the federal deficit.

This is proof that despite the misinformation from President Biden, Josh Riley, and the Democrats who control, canceling student loans will add to our debt, and all Americans will have to pay for their action.

“President Biden and Washington insider Josh Riley have always looked out for themselves, and now the Congressional Budget Office confirmed that forgiving student loans will add to the deficit, and that will come at the expense of blue-collar, working-class New Yorkers,” said Will Dawson, campaign manager for Marc Molinaro. “From buying a $1.5 million condo on Capitol Hill, defending corporations in Washington, or forgiving the loans for some of his Harvard classmates, Josh Riley has always done what is best for him. Unlike Riley, when Marc Molinaro gets to Congress, he will work on solutions to lower the cost of higher education, without adding to the federal debt.”


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