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Molinaro’s Solution Is To Bring People Together, While Hochul and Riley Stroke Fires Of Division

Catskill, NY – While New York Governor Kathy Hochul and Washington insider Josh Riley stoke fires of division, Marc Molinaro is focused on solutions that will bring people together to reduce crime, inflation, and high prices.

Unlike Hochul and Riley, who believe those who do not share their views should leave New York, Molinaro has always been committed to bringing people together and treating everyone with dignity and respect.

“It’s no secret that New York and our country are in decline, but rather than using divisive rhetoric like Kathy Hochul and Josh Riley, it’s time we have leaders who will bring people together and work on solutions that will get us back on track,” said Marc Molinaro. “If elected, I will treat everyone with dignity and work on solutions that will reduce crime and lower inflation because, because as a lifelong New Yorker we are tough, and we always come together with each other to get things done.


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