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Carpenters Union Backs Molinaro, His 8th Union Endorsement

Binghamton, NY -- The North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters (NASRCC), representing over 28,000 workers in New York State and the Northeast, has endorsed Congressman Marc Molinaro for reelection in New York's 19th Congressional District. This is the eighth union to endorse Congressman Molinaro for reelection. 


Scott Smith, Business Manager NASRCC Local 279 said, "It is with great pleasure that we give our endorsement to Marc Molinaro. We believe in developing and maintaining intelligent labor laws that can serve honest workers and honest employers. Our Council will always work to ensure and preserve fair labor standards and fight for sustainable capital construction programs which can create jobs and stimulate the economy. At the same time, we understand it is necessary to protect our members from proposals which would weaken their ability to secure work at appropriate wages. These are our guiding principles that we look forward to working with Marc on, as we know he is the right candidate for NASRCC members."


Congressman Marc Molinaro said, "I am deeply honored to have the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters as my eighth union endorsement. I've prioritized protecting fair labor standards, creating jobs, and have fought against threats to union workers. In unity with organized labor across Upstate New York, I pledge to continue this fight to protect, support, and empower working families."


According to the NY Post, Congressman Molinaro is a 'favorite' among some of the biggest unions in New York State. In Congress, he has supported the Tax Fairness for Workers Act, which delivers a tax deduction for union dues and expenses, supported the National Apprenticeship Act to create nearly one million new apprenticeship openings, and voted against legislation that would have undermined Davis-Bacon and Project Labor Agreements.

Congressman Molinaro was elected in November 2022 to represent New York’s 19th Congressional District. The new district includes Broome, Chenango, Columbia, Delaware, Greene, Otsego, Sullivan, and Tompkins counties as well as part of Cortland, Rensselaer, and Ulster counties.




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