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Bipartisanship? DC Insider Josh Riley Won't Talk About That Either

Binghamton, NY -- ICYMI: DC Insider Josh Riley 'didn’t respond to a request for comment' from Politico New York Playbook on the news that Congressman Marc Molinaro was ranked the second most bipartisan in all of Congress and the most bipartisan in New York.

Flashback: This comes one week after Josh Riley also refused to answer questions from the Daily Freeman on President Biden's decision to withhold security assistance to Israel.

Matt Organ, campaign manager for the Molinaro campaign said, "Add this one to the list. DC Insider Josh Riley wants to be in Congress, but won't talk about bipartisanship, Israel and antisemitism, his big house in DC, or the $30,000 illegal salary he took and won't give back."



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