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Biden and Riley’s Inflation Set To Steal Wage Gains Again In 2023

Catskill, NY – President Joe Biden and Josh Riley have supported economic policies that have made inflation worse, and a new report reveals that wage gains in 2023 will once again be wiped out by inflation.

As CBS News reports:

Many Americans are hoping for wage gains to offset the hottest inflation in 40 years, but there are a number of factors that could impact your take-home pay in 2023. … For 2023, employers plan to offer their workers an annual raise of 4%, according to a recent survey from That's roughly in line with the median pay bump employees got in 2022. The problem is that inflation this year has been running at about twice that rate, with prices rising 8.2% in September from a year ago.”

“In Joe Biden and Josh Riley’s economy, working-class families are seeing more of their paycheck get stolen by the inflation crisis created by the economic policies, and sadly more pain in store for 2023,” said Will Dawson, campaign manager for Marc Molinaro. “That’s why now more than ever, we need Marc Molinaro in Washington, to fix this inflation crisis, lower energy bills, and get our country back on track.”


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