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AOC PAC Demands Candidates Pledge to Defund the Police

Red Hook, NY - As the Democrats hopes to hold the House of Representatives continues to look bleak, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s PAC is funneling thousands in donations to vulnerable Democrat candidate, Antonio Delgado, in the NY-19 swing district.

The Courage to Change PAC national questionnaire contains a pledge for candidates seeking money to agree to slash police department budgets. While four vulnerable Democrats returned the donations, Antonio Delgado seems fine standing side-by-side with AOC and the pledge to slash public safety budgets and weaken our communities. "As we see crime rise in New York and the cashless bail system allow repeat violent offenders back in our communities, right now is the time to discuss investment in our police departments and communities, through investment in police training and early preventative programs we can strengthen ourselves and decrease crime rates.” said Marc Molinaro.

Molinaro concluded, “Antonio Delgado would rather play D.C. politics for campaign cash by siding with AOC’s far-left PAC and her defund the police rhetoric. Did he agree to a pledge to defund the police for $5,000? He needs to release his entire questionnaire with answers. Our communities throughout NY-19 deserve better. We can and should increase investment in the men and women that keep us safe, increase training programs, and reinvest in our youth. We can do better. Where in the World is Antonio Delgado on defunding the police?”



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