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Antisemitic Demonstrations Backed By Josh Riley's Biggest Donors

New Politico Analysis: Antisemitic Demonstrations Backed By Josh Riley's Biggest Donors

Molinaro to Riley: Return the Money & Speak Out 

Binghamton, NY -- A new Politico analysis found that the mega wealthy Soros, Rockefeller and Pritzker families are financially backing antisemitic demonstrations on college campuses AND DC Insider Josh Riley's campaign. In response, Congressman Molinaro called on Riley to return the money and start speaking out against antisemitism.  

Follow the money: All told, Josh Riley has received nearly $40,000 dollars from these families. Afraid of angering his biggest donors and the extremists, Josh Riley has remained silent, ignoring major incidents at Cornell, Columbia, and even Harvard, where he’s an alum.

Congressman Molinaro said, "Josh Riley has been silent on antisemitism, now we know why. Riley is worried he'll offend his big money donors and doesn't want to lose the support of extremists. He can distance himself by speaking out and returning the money, but he won't.  DC Josh is so desperate for their support he's even willing to abide antisemitism."



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